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Mission Statement

To represent the dyslexic community that supports a non-phonics based solution

The Dyslexia Association is the first Australian Association to recognise a non-phonics (or non linguistic) solution.


The Dyslexia Association allows a new understanding of dyslexia. It recognises that dyslexic people need to be offered alternatives to the conventional methods of instruction.

The Dyslexia Association seeks equality and equity into non-phonics based research and pilot projects to match the investment made into auditory/phonics based techniques.

The Dyslexia Association supports positive learning experiences for dyslexic children which equals the experiences of the auditory learner.

Our commitment is to create an effective and long term improvement by increasing awareness of dyslexia and empowering the dyslexic learner through their own innovative visual and creative learning style.

The Dyslexia Association is devoted to promoting and pursuing a positive definition of dyslexia.

Dyslexia Association in Action


The Dyslexia Association was recently invited to conduct public information seminars in the New England Area. Due to the success of this tour we will be conducting seminars in other regional areas. 

For a better understanding of Dyslexia and discover how to support and enhance people's learning abilities, please contact us to arrange a seminar in your area.

The Dyslexia Association supports the need for screening for dyslexia to be made available through the school to all children experiencing learning difficulties. The Dyslexia Association acknowledges that there is no exact science for assessing therefore the results may not be accurate and may need to be re-evaluated at different points in the child’s development.

The Dyslexia Association Inc. is a non-profit registered association.



The Dyslexia Association in Australia supports new research into a non-phonics based approach to reading for children with Dyslexia. We acknowledge the ground breaking study released in New Zealand which found that "the phonics method of teaching children to read is not necessary past the initial states of learning and continuing it may DISADVANTAGE them in the long term..." Click here for more information


Recent article from the UK: "Every school uses phonics in one form or another, but it is certainly not true to say that it is the best way of teaching every child to read." Click here for the full article

TIME FOR CHANGE: PRIME Minister Julia Gillard says it is a tragedy millions of Australian adults still cannot read...Click here for the full article

September 2012

Unnatural confusion


The Child Left Behind



Schools and Creativity

The Power of Dyslexia


Privacy/Disclaimer Statement

Step 1

Explain Dyslexia

Step 2

 Dyslexia Screening

Step 3

Dyslexia Test


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